Heart Healing Power

Mother Earth Speaks

Humans live on me, they call me Earth.

Other humans call me Mother Earth.

I love, live and exist for billions of moments.

This means that I revealed my being long before all humanity.

I could and can love, live and exist without humanity,

but humanity cannot love, live and exist without me.

I love, live and exist by myself.

I thrive by myself.

I grow and create out of myself.


Humans cannot thrive without me.

Humans die - Mother Earth lives.

Humans cannot grow without me.

Humans pass away - Mother Earth thrives.

Humans cannot create without me.

Humans copy - Mother Earth creates.

Humans cannot nourish themselves without me.

Humans starve - Mother Earth nourishes.

Humans cannot drink without me.

Humans die of thirst - Mother Earth soaks.

Humans cannot breathe without me.

Humans suffocate - Mother Earth breathes.

Humans cannot live without me.

Humans die - Mother Earth lives.

I can love, live, create and exist without human.

But can human love, live and exist without me?

On my soil humans walk.

From my water humans drink.

My plants and animals nourish and accompany humans.

What do humans do?

What do humans live?

I love, live and exist.

I nourish and create life.

And the human being???

Ray of Light

"Death" led me through the darkness into the light.

I forgot what was taught from "outside" by other people, through writings and pictures, and so I arrived in my heart.

I recognise myself in and through all of nature. 

Everything flows, vibrates and is in motion.

All IS

Energy, a constant change of love.

Love is infinity.

Love is life and death in the all-is-one of infinity.

Live Now

People have been born and have died without having lived.

People are born and will die to live.


Silently and quietly in the heart.

Silently and quietly in the heart, freedom and peace exist and live.

Silently and quietly in the heart exists and lives the strongest power of the universe.

Silently and quietly I exist in the heart to give myself to you and me, so I can live through you and me.

Silently and quietly I guide you in the heart and give myself away.

I create and draw from myself, can be given away again and again and all being is filled by me.

By my very existence I am present in all that is.


Gratitude is a declaration of love to life itself.

Gratitude is a fruit of love and a key to a fulfilling life.

Gratitude is a fruit of love and evokes further fruits of contentment and joy in us.

Gratitude makes us happy.


In truth the human being does not long for certain people, places or material things,

but for the feelings that they cause in them.

Laughter Connects

The energy of the smile activates the immune system

and hormones of happiness flow through you.

Easiness and joy of life unfold their power and permeate other forms of life.

Laughter releases, connects and opens hearts.

Experience Peace

Peace in thought, that lets us give.

Peace in doing, that lets us settle.

Peace in feeling, that makes us blossom.

Peace in the heart is laughing and joking.

Peace in being, that is great.

Peace in life, shall be given to all.

Being of Love

In all forms, in all places, in every moment,

I am, and present myself in the being of now.

In the true smile, in freedom, in peace, I am,

as much at home as in gratitude.

Creativity and power, which create the world around us,

security and trust are some fruits of my existence.

See with your Heart

See other people and experience communion.

Smile, look into their eyes and be in the heart,

for a loving moment.

Experience your essence, look into your souls and recognise yourself, in the heart!


We feel each other. We know about each other.

We are connected.

We flow. We vibrate.

We channel. We create.

We are together. We are for each other.

We are united in the heart.

We are love.


The World in Love

Our destinies live and weave a pattern of love, joy and truth.

Our patterns live a world of happiness for oneness that enters into it.

A world in which young and old create a society in togetherness and for each other.

A world of growth and development.

A world of uniqueness in diversity.

A world full of confidence and harmony.

A world full of health and compassion.

A world full of appreciation and gratitude.

A world full of self-awareness and self-power.

A world full of creativity and laughter.

A world in peace and freedom.

A world of love itself.

A world in which the beauty and abundance of love reveal and live.

Gifts of Love

You were there.

One who said I love you!

Dreams are true, you are there.

Everything is clear.

This love wishes from you:

Just say yes

to the journey therein.

At the next heartbeat we are connected.

Just say yes!

United in the heart, it carries you,

it experiences you.

Magic floats in its fantasy,

do you experience it?

The light shines in its smile,

do you recognise yourself?

In its grace it experiences you.

Does it breathe you?

Just say yes

to the journey of your love!

The pulsing of hearts

vibrate and permeate.

Everything awakes.

It is done.

Do you hear it?

Mysticism rises in playfulness,

do you feel it?

Arise, experience yourself, create yourself


Text: WU-LI & A.Tara-May Freyer

©2015 Herzverbindung-JA