Heart Healing Power

Live Love

Love reminds us that everything that serves us in life, which is life-affirming, all wisdom, insight, power, knowledge, understanding, compassion, joy, harmony, security, trust, health, peace, freedom,... exists inside ourselves.

Love loves for its own sake. Presents itself, so that we can channel, create and experience self-love out of itself.

That which is true and, therefore, most meaningful in us is love itself.

The love for your self, for all human beings, for animals and plants, for all forms of life, for all existence, love for creativity, love for work or any other aspect, which is an authentic representation of a being and brings joy, is lived love. Love self always gives us the choice for growth and development, for our full self-expression, in order to unfold and realize our highest potential.

I hand you this heart as a symbol of our personal understanding for these earthly things.

So that we know and agree on what life for us, in physical form, and within being human

that we call life is.

We connect our hearts in the all-is-one-sound of all-embracing love.

This connection stands for our true and highest self.

For the Goddess and the God, love itself, which exists, vibrates and lives through and in us all in the infinity of NOW.

The heart is the symbol of love. It stands for all life, for all existence, for the whole universe. It is the symbol of eternity, of spiritual and emotional truth, of the life of infinity in and through love itself.

I carry the heart in my hands that was given to me to...

Experience it yourself...

The salutogenesis of the heart !

Do words and symbols have an influence on human beings?

"In earlier times, people hardly thought about their symbols; they lived them and were unconsciously excited by their content."                 

  quote, C.G.Jung


"Everything Vibrates - whether humans, animals, stones, colors, microorganisms or geometrical signs. Everything that exists, transmits information and is connected to each other."               

quote, Erich Körbler

"The heart is the key of the world and of all life."

text: Novalis - Georg Philipp Friedrich Freiherr von Hardenberg (born 2.5.1772 in Wiederstedt - 25.3.1801),

german writer, philosopher, lawyer and mining engineer


"Joy is not a gift of the spirit, it is a gift of the heart."

text: Ludwig Börne (born. 6.5.1786 in Frankfurt am Main – 12.2.1837),

german journalist, literature and theater critic


"A good time does not fall from the sky. We create it ourself. It´s ready to be found inside our hearts."                                           

text: Fjodor Michailowitsch Dostojewski Russland - 9.2.1881), russian writer


"When we go our way in life, we humans can orient ourselves by different scales of choice: One is based on an ideology of a “...ism”, the other on a religion, and some on the guiding principale -

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” .

text: Konfuzius

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