Heart Healing Power

The power of symbols

Symbols carry the energy of the concept they stand for.

This energy is palpable and takes its full effect. Heart-symbols give power and expression to bring their energy into effect for the benefit of mankind, all families, all people, all life.

Thoughts, words, images, as well as other external influences are influencing and changing our body and our well-being. Ideas, Information, Feelings, which are collectively connected with a symbol, are mirrored in its forcefield.

The human combines the symbol of heart with love and life energy in all countries of the world, as well as with positive, life-affirming and life-felicific energies.

It is precisely this collective attitude that is crucial for the information transmitted by the heart-energy.

With these stickers, which we give away on our journeys, and the knowledge of the current situation in humanity on earth, we're using symbols and signs with positive, harmonising, connecting and life-force giving effects.

Thank you!

„Joy is not a gift of the mind, its a gift of the heart.“

text: Ludwig Börne (born 6.5.1786 at Frankfurt am Main –12.2.1837), german journalist, literal and theater critic

Peace in the human SELF, creates peace on earth.

A.Tara May Freyer, Wu-Li & Co

The Peace Glasses

Heart transformations - Consciousness from the heart, for the benefit of all.

Different interpretations concerning the world-famous symbol of peace lead me to reshape the symbolism of the glasses, so that every person notices the purpose of peace.

Everything considered under the belief:

Mind, feeling and action in the all-is-one unison of the heart

create peace in the human being and on Earth.

(A.Tara-May Freyer, Peace Ambassador from the heart)

„What a heavenly perception it is,

to follow your heart.“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

According to the doctrine of faith: "Emotions, thoughts and actions

shape the matter

in the all-is-one unison of

the Heart = Love ... "

„ As inside, so outside.

As outside, so inside.“


Wu-Li & Tara-May

©2015 Herzverbindung-JA