Art from Hearts



Art from the Heart

Love is energy.

Love because love is all that is.

Love because YOU are love.

Love is the power that creates everything.

Love of self-love is the key to happiness.

Love exists and lives as the strongest force in the universe.

Love resonates, permeates and pulsates through all that is.

The forms of consciousness that know and love are powerful.

(Wu-Li & A.Tara-May)

Power of Symbols

The human being reacts to its environment, therefore I use the power of symbols.

The messages of the heart of nature are revealed through symbols and signs with positive, harmonizing, connecting and vitalizing effects.

Peaceful feelings - peaceful thoughts - peaceful actions

Peaceful connections of the people in the heart change the world.

Peace in the human being self creates peace on Earth.

Peace is one of the infinite fruits of all-embracing love.

According to the doctrine of faith:

"Emotions, thoughts and actions shape the matter

in the all-is-one unison of

the Heart = Love ... "

„ As inside, so outside. As outside, so inside.“


I know that at a much higher level of being the multiversal humanity is one.

On this level all energetic parts of woman and man are united.

The united beings of countless species meet there.

The voice of nature reflects this wisdom through ES-Animale.

Root Wood Art

This art is characterized by its many forms and stories, which have created themselves in the roots.

The discovery of the roots occurs through my feeling, in the now.

Tree roots are created and shaped by the events of the Earth, plants, animals, stones, water, wind, planets and therefore all life energies.

An art form that life creates and shapes by itself.

Fallen trees lie in the forests, whose roots are still surrounded by soil.

The process of cleaning the root happens in a process over months.

After sensing I move the root by turning it or laying it down in another place in the forest so that the animals, who experience themselves in and on the soil and root, can leave this space in peace. As soon as these life forms have „released“ the root I remove the soil, stones etc. with tools or sticks. In the course of the river I wash the root or place it in the river for days so that the flowing water continues to clean the root.

Such a root lingers in the forest for a few more months, in a place where it can dry until I bring it to my premises to reveal the depths, the stories – messages of the root with sandpaper, nail and metal files.

I sand the wood layer by layer until I have reached the depth of the „root skeleton“.

In this sense the voice of nature reveals itself through me and my gentle purification processes.

The roots are varnished, oiled or left in their natural state, depending on the feeling.

Root skeletons in connection with steel and slate are unique sculptures.

These unique root wood art objects unfold their effect both indoors and outdoors.

Rootwood Artworks

The Leg „Isis“

Measures: 16cm foot length, 63cm leg length

Handcraft and varnished.

The „Touching One“

Measures: 63cm long, 55cm wide

Freestanding wooden root sculpture in connection with slate stone

Handcraft, oiled and partly treated with gold paint.

The „Fluent One“

Measures: 85cm long, 36cm high

Freestanding sculpture with slate base

Handcraft and varnished.

The „Powerful One“

Measures: 58cm high, 62cm wide

Suitable as a free-standing sculpture and for wall mounting.

Handcraft with hard wax oil.

The „Connecting One“

Measures: 32cm high, 50cm wide

Freestanding sculpture

Handcraft and varnished.

©2015 Herzverbindung-JA