Heart Healing Power


Heart-Root: WU-LI Source - Root = Love


Nature speaks to us in a variety of ways, and this voice reveals itself to all human beings.


WULI´s connection to Tara-May

A clump of earth attracted her and she knew she did not know anything, but she felt that strong pulsation in her heart that requested her to uncover and reveal the contents of the earth clump.


All of the soil, stones and etc. were removed and the root was cleaned with water, so that a kind of skin could be detached from it and she knew that she would spray a new skin on the root heart.


No changes or modifications were made to the heart itself.


The spirit and soul of love and life, from the vastness of the universe, have brought the hearts together and united them.


Tree roots are made by the incidents of the earth, the plants, the animals, the stones, the water, the wind, the sun, the moon, the planets, and therfore all the energies of life, that are created and shaped by love itself.


A kind of art that life shapes and creates through its own self.

Is IT made of love?


… when all humans are love … what is there to remember?


How to love.

You are invited to remember how to love by remembering

that love is your true identity.


Excerpt page 266 – from the book by Neale Donald Walsch

„An Unexpected Conversation with God – The Awakening of Mankind“

Science and Research of Modern Times

During the embryonic development of the body, the heart is the first organ that creates itself.

As long as the embryo consists of only a few cells, each cell can extract the necessary nutrients directly from its environment. However, as soon as the cells divide and the embryo grows into a ball of cells, the nutrients can no longer reach all cells without help. In addition, the cells produce waste that has to be disposed. In order to keep the cells alive, it is essential for the embryo to transport the nutrients and waste products. The heart-driven cardiovascular system fulfills this important role and therefore it is necessarily the first organ system that forms itself...

Thoughts, words, images and other external influences, influence and change our body and well-being. Ideas, information, feelings, etc. which are collectively connected to a symbol, become reflected in and from their own force field.

Humankind connects the symbol - Heart - with "Love" and "Life Energy" in all countries of the world, and are felt as positive, life-affirming and life-fulfilling energies.

This “collective attitude” is the reason why the information transmitted by the heart energy is so essential.


A human heart beats more than 100.000 times a day, about 40 million times a year and an average of 3 billion times in a life time. It suctions, pumps and verifies the blood of the entire organism, with a volume power of 4 - 7 liters a minute and 17.000 liters within 24 hours. The heart also manages 4.5 liters of blood per second, that passes through a vascular system, with a length twice around the world.

Our heart is more than a replaceable pumping muscle. Recent research by scientists like Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden have achieved amazing results that provide the existing worldview upside down. The heart becomes the center of attention, while building a bridge to ancient wisdom. In an interview Gregg Braden talks about the so-called “heart- intelligence” that has enormous implications. The heart generates electromagnetic fields, which compared to the brain, are up to 100 times more electric and 5000 times magnetically stronger. This energy field can be measured in research. It is called Torus and expanses in- and outside of the body. Our desires and thoughts unfold continuosly and with a much greater force, if we think thoughts with love and wholeheartedly believe in them. What we feel in our heart are corresponding patterns of electromagnetic energy transcribing, which interact with our soul and the atoms of our own world.


Buddhism for example has also emerged many findings, such as the important mantra: “Om Mani Padme Hum” - The jewel of consciousness resides inside my heart.


Even Paul Pearsall, doctor, immunologist and expert of cardiology, has made startling discoveries: “The heart feels and thinks. Its cells have a private memory and are able to store and process information. They communicate with all the other cells of our body and supply them with a special life energy that comes from the heart, and can also cause amazing healing processes. [...]


The human heart, not the brain, is our most important memory and energy center. The body, mind and spirit formed together as one.“


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